GRONELL technical mountain boots made in Italy


Traveler philosopher in search of himself

The mountains are born from the sea and they find their roots in the sea. They are proud of their size, their sheer walls, their wild peaks; before climbing to their summits stop to pick up a stone, even a small one; that fragment is a tear… the mountain’s tear. The rain, wind and age itself during the centuries have torn from them little parts that have slowly rolled back down towards the valley. If you take these tears back towards the summit they will be grateful. The mountain teaches you to be determined, but humble. To not get distracted, because even the smallest mistake can be fatal. When difficulties come, just lower your head, grit your teeth, repeat a phrase to yourself to maintain your rhythm, and suddenly, the climb that seemed impossible, is over. I want the ridge, the wind on me, the rain, the cold, the fatigue, the hunger and thirst. I want to get excited, feel my body, I want to feel part of nature, to be part of it by right, like an animal, like a plant or a rock. Nature goes beyond life. I walk alone and free, the arbiter of my own gestures, master of my own time, of my truest essence. My spirit absorbs everything, enjoying even the smallest things, a spring, strawberries, the snow I take bites of, the smell of flowers….In a re-found feeling between me and my spirit.

MANFREDI SALEMME, 64 years old, with a wife and two children, is a retired athlete, originally from Vesilia, but now living in Cogorno (Province of Genoa), and is fond of high altitude “walks”. Testimonial for ADMO (Bone Marrow Donor Association), Salemme is not a sports professional, even though during his life he has never missed the opportunity to practice any sport: from swimming to cycling, from skiing to windsurfing, to from running to hiking to climbing. His purpose has been to demonstrate that sports are good for you at any age. For this reason, researchers from the faculty of Sport Sciences at the University of Verona, have monitored him not only physically, but psychologically (to better understand the motivational and emotional mechanisms that come into play during physical exercise in people of a certain age). Among his achievements, his 2000 km. solitary walk in 2008, from Liguria to Sicily along the Apennine ridge and followed by his swim across the Strait of Messina.