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A day in the Dolomites of Brenta

A day in the Dolomites of Brenta

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Known and loved by many, the Dolomites of Brenta are a true spectacle of nature.

From families to amateur hikers and even the most experienced mountaineers, the Dolomites of Brenta offer something for everyone - with well-maintained trails, via ferratas, mountain huts at high altitudes, and breathtaking and awe-inspiring views.

Keep reading to learn more about the Dolomites of Brenta!

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Where are they located?

The Dolomites of Brenta are located in Trentino-Alto Adige, specifically in the province of Trento, within the Adamello Brenta Nature Park. They belong to the Rhaetian Alps and are situated between the Val di Non, Val di Sole, Valli Giudicarie, and Val Rendena.
They are the only entirely Trentino Dolomite group and, being located west of the Adige Valley, they are considered outside the traditional Dolomite range.

What are they like?

The Dolomites of Brenta consist of a group of rock towers, spires, and pinnacles surrounded by hundreds of marvelous natural landscapes, stretching for about 40 km from north to south and about 12 km from east to west.
They are divided into three parts: the southern part, mainly frequented in summer; the central part, the most famous and visited; and the northern part, home to a small colony of brown bears.
To the delight of mountaineers and climbers, eight of the peaks in this group exceed 3,000 meters - and most of them still exceed 2,500 meters. The Dolomites of Brenta also host numerous lakes, with the most famous ones being Lake Molveno (the largest) and Lake Tovel.

What activities can be done?

  • Trekking
    The Dolomites of Brenta are a paradise for high-altitude trekking enthusiasts, not only because of the trails and equipped routes but also due to the network of mountain huts, alpine pastures, and bivouacs scattered throughout the group's territory. Additionally, there are several ski lifts available for those who want to enjoy the best views by overcoming challenging elevation differences.
  • Mountaineering and rock climbing
    The towers and spires of the Dolomites of Brenta offer numerous wonderful climbing walls, ascents, and via ferratas that can challenge even the most experienced mountaineers - all equipped and maintained to ensure maximum safety throughout the route.
    Some of the towers in this group have become famous worldwide for mountaineering. Some examples? Campanil Basso, Crozzon di Brenta, Cima Tosa, and Cima Brenta: anyone who practices mountaineering or rock climbing knows these names!
  • Winter activities
    During the colder season, the Dolomites of Brenta are equipped with over 150 km of ski slopes for all levels of expertise. It is the largest ski area in Trentino, with 100 slopes, 4 snow parks, and 57 ski lifts.

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